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Welcome DARDUST to the Sony Music Masterworks & Artist First Family!

We are delighted to announce the signing of an exclusive contract with the innovative Italian pianist, composer and acclaimed producer, Dardust, in a joint venture with Artist First.

Known for his minimalist compositions enriched by electronic soundscapes and lush strings, Dardust is proud to be the mastermind behind the first groundbreaking project to showcase instrumental music, combining his exquisite minimal piano sound with the modern electronic sound from Northern Europe. He has more than 40 Platinum albums to his credit as a sought-after producer and composer.

Dardust’s name is a hybrid of his influences: a tribute to ‘Ziggy Stardust’, David Bowie’s alter ego, who inspired a legendary imaginary space that endures to these days, as well as the duo ‘Dust Brothers’ who later became famous as ‘The Chemical Brothers’ with their debut album Exit Planet Dust

Dardust’s signature soundworld is where classical music meets electro-ambient. They interplay during his thrilling multi-dimensional live exhibitions that feature fascinating and emotionally charged classical set with captivating electro sounds, all augmented by spectacular visual effects. This makes for a captivating and compelling combination.

Stay tuned for Dardust’s debut album – releasing worldwide in January 2020!