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Theo Croker Premieres New Video and EP from GRAMMY® Award-Nominated Album Star People Nation

We are excited to announce that Theo Croker premieres a new video and EP from the GRAMMY® Award-nominated album  Star People Nation.

With “Understand Yourself,” the album’s closing track, Croker joins forces with Chronixx, a Jamaican singer whose wide-ranging approach to music and innovative sound (what he calls “black experimental music”) made him the perfect choice for the record. The song notably samples Jamaican-born political leader Marcus Garvey’s “Know Yourself” speech. Garvey’s iconic words become the raw material for Croker and Chronixx’s sonic explorations, remixing Garvey’s message of nation-building and taking it into uncharted musical territory. Croker and Chronixx were able to nurture and marry their unique collaborative voice and vision through a process of mutual exchange where ideas were shared for months before the two actually recorded the trumpet and vocals together in Los Angeles. This meaningful back-and-forth between artists speaks to the larger world building ethos that Croker intentionally cultivated throughout Star People Nation. For Croker, the album is not merely the result of his own personal artistry but represents a collective effort on the part of a “nation” of creative people from all across the globe whose contributions allowed the project to transcend even his original vision.

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