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Stereogum Premiere’s SONTALK 3-Song EP Act I | New Video “Hosanna” (God, Damn My Soul) Out Now

Introducing SONTALK – the project of musician Joseph LeMay, releases a debut 3-song EP, ACT I.  Stereogum premiered the lead single “I Am A War Machine,” describing, “LeMay’s tranquil voice, bright, reaching guitars, and thumping instrumentation [as] aiding in a kind of soul-saving atonement.” LeMay spoke to Stereogum adding “’I Am A War Machine’ is about me admitting what I am and recognizing my faults, but it’s also about every person I’ve ever known in any substantial way. It’s about fragility and brokenness. It’s about honesty and confession. I think it’s about the human condition.”

On ACT I, SONTALK crafts an archetypal narrative told through the journey of many characters and voices that explores the inner workings of the human mind and how the acting, feeling, and living nature of the mind affects our relationships with others and the things that surround us.  Watch his new video below. Listen, download and/or stream here and stay tuned for more on this rising artist.