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Remembering David Bowie | Rest In Peace and Power

David Bowie is one of the most important pop music artists of the 1970s lending his superior talent to the arts, transcending music, art, fashion and much more. While most people know Bowie as Ziggy Stardust or one of their “heroes” (atleast for one day) … he also had a special interest for children’s music upon the birth of his son Zowie. It was with him in mind that he joined in this recording of Prokofiev’s symphonic fairy tale, Peter and the Wolf, with Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra from 1978. (Listen Here)

In Peter and the Wolf, Peter goes out into the meadow, even though his grandfather has warned him there is a dangerous wolf out there and the story goes on. Each character also has a special little melody of its own – a leitmotiv – and these appear throughout the story, whenever their characters appear.

It’s all easy and fun to follow. The music is extraordinarily suggestive and descriptive – and completely captivating. And then there is also the narration. Listen and enjoy below!