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Following the release of first single “Delicate Butterfly” featuring the “shimmering vocals” (ROLLING STONE) of Lucius, JOMORO have now released the new track “Until We Equal” featuring Brandon Markell HolmesLISTEN HERE. 

Before reaching out to collaborator Brandon Markell Holmes to add his lyrical and vocal genius, Jomoro’s Joey Waronker and Mauro Refosco created an instrumental track inspired by Brazil’s Baile Funk music and culture. Immediately inspired by the song’s energy, Holmes recalls, “When I initially heard the track I loved the energy. It was extremely fervent and urgent. My initial thought was: What do I write about?? What is important enough to match this energy. I knew it had to be about something meaningful, and at the time we were still heavily in the middle of George Floyd & Breonna Taylor unfortunate tragedies. I felt I had to speak.”

According to Joey Waronker, “We had no idea what to expect when we shared the music with Brandon in summer of 2020 but his first pass lyric was spot on. It’s interesting to me that the track is inspired by music that comes from community experience, and that Brandon caught the zeitgeist of this moment in which so many of us are coming together to express a need for more humanity. It’s been a great pleasure to collaborate with him on this track.” 

As Mauro Refosco says, “Musically, ‘Until We Equal’ was inspired by the Baile Funk movement that has taken place in Brazil since the ’90s. With easy access to drum machines and loop making devices, it was just a matter of time for old Afro-Brazilian rhythms to make their way into these new aesthetics. The music here is built on a driven rhythm that migrated from the shantytowns to the mainstream.”

“Until We Equal” will appear on Jomoro’s debut album Blue Marble Sky, out June 4th via Sony Music Masterworks.

JOMORO is the alias of the musical merger of…

Joey Waronker – Veteran drummer of session and live renown with the likes of Paul McCartney, Johnny Cash, Adele, Beck, Roger Waters, Air and R.E.M., and full-fledged member of Ultraista and Atoms for Peace, the latter of which also featured bandmate…

Mauro Refosco – International percussionist hailing from Brazil to Broadway—specifically David Byrne’s American Utopia—with additional credits ranging from Vampire Weekend and Red Hot Chili Peppers to Dirty Projectors, Bebel Gilberto and Caetano Veloso, among others.

Blue Marble Sky was written, played and produced by Joey and Mauro, who made the most of their pandemic downtime trading files bi-coastally, and enlisting collaborators such as bassist Gabe Noel (Kendrick Lamar, Kamasi Washington), trumpeter Michael Leonheart (Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars) and multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Mooney (Other Lives). The album was divided into vocal tracks, instrumental tracks and Brazilian tracks, its numerous highlights including the gorgeous downtempo “Nest” featuring Sharon Van Etten, a pair of tracks featuring popular Brazilian songstress Karina Buhr and more.



  1. Mirror    
  2. No Air     
  3. Nest – featuring Sharon Van Etten    
  4. Saudades de lá – featuring Karina Buhr   
  5. Water Lilies    
  6. Acordar e Perfumar – featuring Karina Buhr       
  7. Until We Equal – featuring Brandon Markell Holmes   
  8. Ant Farm    
  9. Sargasso Sea    
  10. Delicate Butterfly – featuring Lucius    
  11. Marching Camels    
  12. Broken Nest 


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