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Fatherhood (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


1          Funeral Montage
2          Trade Anything
3          Maddy
4          Let Go
5          Goodbye Mothers
6          Kid Poops a Lot
7          Necklace
8          Your Wife
9          Dating Montage, Part 1
10        Dating Montage, Part 2
11        First Kiss
12        Vibes Score
13        Stitches
14        She Needs Me
15        Lucky Latte
16        It’s Just for a Short Time
17        Matt Misses Maddy
18        Smile

All tracks composed by Rupert Gregson-Williams.

Guitars: Tony Clarke

Solo Violin and Cello: Forest Christenson, Rupert Gregson-Williams

Electric and Acoustic Bass: Mike Valerio

Producer: Forest Christenson 

Engineer: Forest Christenson 

 2020 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc., under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment