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DARDUST reveals the video, directed by Alessio Panichi, of “Beautiful Solitude” – the last track of “S.A.D. STORM AND DRUGS”, the new album released in January via Sony Music Masterworks and Artist First.

“This song and this video were born in a long period of solitude that I experienced in Edinburgh, where S.A.D. came to life,” Dardust says. “It seems perfect to me to release it, now that many of us can feel alone, as I think we should try to find beauty in this solitude. Desire arises from a lack, and now that there is no possibility of embracing and seeing each other, we rediscover a desire for the neighbor that is unedited and wonderful. The song claims that you should live your solitude and make it beautiful. I like to think that in this solitude may arise a powerful and original creativity. Creativity at the service of people, and therefore also “light” for ourselves. Hoping to return soon to embrace each other. Musically speaking, Beautiful Solitude is a tribute to Sigur Rós, who first taught me to live solitude with that sense of wonder, which I brought with me while traveling around Iceland during my period of musical research for the trilogy that closes with S.A.D.”

Dardust today launches a playlist on Spotify, asking fans and artists, through his social media, to suggest the song that represents the concept of Beautiful Solitude for them. The idea is to create a playlist that unites people by sharing the beauty that can be found in a period of solitude.

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